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“The Year to Reclaim” 

JOEL 2: 25-26 And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. 26 And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.


This Ministry has been formed for the purpose of keeping our lights shining in the midst of a dark world through prayer, according to Matthew 5:14. This objective will be achieved through meetings one or more times a week, in groups of 2, 3 or more to pray in common agreement according to Matthew 18:19-20. 


I firmly believe that a church that prays consistently and together in accordance with the scriptures cited above will continue to thrive in an uncertain world. Thank you for allowing God to use you, as you sow the prayer on behalf of someone else, God will answer your personal prayer. Job 42:10, Ephesians 6:18.



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Confession for 2022, Aligning with His Word


Father I thank you that my year 2022 will be the year to recover everything I lost due to the global crisis, due to my impulsive or incorrect decisions, harmful habits, toxic friendships, wrong thoughts and beliefs, my lack of honoring you with my goods, in general I give you thank you for your biblical promise in JOEL 2: 25-26 And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. 26 And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.

I align myself with this promise to see my new year restored and I will never ever be embarrassed.

I believe without a doubt that just as you did with your servant Job,  JOB 42:10 And the LORD restored Job’s well-being when he prayed for his friends; and the LORD increased double all that Job had owned. You will also do it with me, my family, my church, my ministry, my businesses and with everything that I will handle in this new year.

Your word says in Proverbs 18:21 that in the tongue there is the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit, therefore, let me be more aware of the power of my words. I declare that my season of frustration is over. As I take care of my tongue, my life is changing for the better. In the name of Jesus, I declare that all that this new season of recovery will bring, it will happen now. Every invisible barrier will be destroyed. I declare that I am a prophetic pioneer. I am taking new territories spiritually, emotionally, relationally and professionally. 


We declare that we have entered the 3rd decade of the Fulfillment of all your promises and in this year 2022, you will bring order to our minds to believe and accept what you say about us, and we will declare daily who we are in Christ until we see the recovery of everything what we lost in previous years in Christ Jesus.


We prophesy that we have entered our season of recovering everything quickly, therefore we receive a rush of favors, we receive a rush of the power of the Holy Spirit, we receive a rush of blessings. May the kingdom of God rush over our lives. May the angels rush in our favor, and we rush toward our prosperity and the fulfillment of God’s promises.


We declare that God is coming like a mighty and swift wind and will rush to our defense. We receive a rush of miracles. We receive a rush of favor and advances. We rush to run past our enemies, we rush through every earthly obstacle, we rush through every spiritual impediment. We declare that our business receives a rush, that our ministry receives a rush, our dreams and visions receive a rush. We rush from the old to the new and declare that souls rush to the kingdom of God.


I declare that we are the righteousness of God therefore, God’s favor is rushing to us and it surrounds us wherever we go and in everything we do. We declare that the unusual and undeserved favor of God will manifest and produce in our lives and in our families; supernatural increase, debt cancellation, promotion, restoration, honor, increase of assets, great victories, recognition, prominence, preferential treatment, answered petitions, changes of policies and laws that favor us, open doors, new opportunities to be abundantly blessed and battles won which we do not have to fight.

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Aligning What The Bible Says About Us


As Christians, our confession should be what we call a “biblical confession” rather than just a “positive affirmation or confession.” We are also told to confess, to remind God of his infallible promises, in faith, so that we can receive them (Isaiah 43:26). Because faith comes by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). I encourage you to take the time to read aloud and ponder these declarations that are based on the Bible. The power is not in confession alone, but in the Word of God. God said, “I AM WHO I AM.” Jesus said, “I AM the Light; I AM the way, I AM the truth: I AM the door; I AM the first, and I AM the last, I AM the beginning; I AM the End; I AM the shining star of the morning; I AM alive. “Therefore we must follow the example of our heavenly Father and Jesus to confess who we are according to the eternal Word of God.


I am grateful that my father in heaven loves me and I am his son. Everything dark or sinful in my life has been washed, cleansed whiter than snow by the blood of Jesus. When my father looks at me, He sees Jesus, because my life is hidden with Christ in God. What’s more, my Heavenly Father loves me exactly the same way, not differently, as His precious son, Jesus. Father, in the Name of your Son Jesus, I confess your Word about my life and my identity of who I am today, I claim my true identity.


I am a child of light, not darkness. I am born again by the eternal and living Word of God. I am being transformed by a renewed mind. I am justified. I am sanctified by His Word. I am righteous and holy because I am in Christ Jesus. I am a new creation, because I am in Christ Jesus. I am saved, because I am in Christ Jesus. I am in Christ, therefore I am washed in the blood of Jesus. I am clean. I am forgiven of all my sins. I am redeemed. I am healed by His wounds. I am free from condemnation. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am free. I am crucified with Christ. I am alive with Christ.


In Jesus’ Name, I declare that I am an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb, and my testimony. I am not dominated by sin. I am free from temptation. I am free from the powers of darkness. I am redeemed from the hand of the enemy. I am exercising my authority over the enemy. I am kept by the power of God. I am protected wherever I go. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. I am holy and blameless before Him. I am tearing down vain imaginations. I am above; I am not beneath. I am the head; I am not the tail. I am victorious; I am triumphant in Christ. I am not moved by what I see or feel.


I am more than a conqueror through Christ who loves me. I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. I am redeemed from the curse of the law. I am saved by grace through faith. I am a sheep of the Good Shepherd. I am always obeying the voice of the Shepherd. I am his faithful follower. I am resting in green pastures. I am spending time near still waters. I am flooded with light. I am the salt of the earth. I am the light of the world. I am a city set on a hill.


In Jesus’ Name, I declare that I am an ambassador for Christ. I am a person of authority and power. I am reconciled to God, and I am a minister of reconciliation. I am anointed. I am a collaborator of God. I am observing and fulfilling the commandments of the Lord. I am establishing the Word of God on earth. I am led by the Spirit of God. I am an imitator of Jesus. I am walking by faith and not by sight. I am established to the end. I am a body filled and flooded with the fullness of God Himself. I am a participant of divine nature. I am chosen, and dearly loved.


I was born of God and the evil one does not touch me. I am prosperous and always successful in everything I do. I am free from all debt and all my needs and wants are provided by Jesus. I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. I am what the Bible says I am. I am being transformed into his image. I am the manifested son of God that creation is waiting for. I am ruling and reigning in this life. I am united with the Lord and I am one spirit with Him. I am blessed with every spiritual blessing. I am qualified to participate in His inheritance. I am a chosen generation. I am a royal priesthood. I am a holy nation. I am special. I am the bride of Christ. I am an heir of God; I am a joint heir with Christ, sharing his inheritance with Him. I am the heir to eternal life. I am the heir to the blessing of Abraham.

Isaiah 42:9  Behold, things of the past have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they sprout, I tell you ”.  

I will not live in the old, I will live in the new, I will receive the new things that God is pouring out in my life. My youth is renewed like that of the eagle (Ps. 103:5). I will be anointed with fresh oil (Psalm 92:10), I will walk with new strength, I will sing new songs (Psalm 33: 3), I will hear new sounds, I will connect with new people who will be a blessing in my life, I will walk through new doors (Revelation 3: 8), I will stand on new platforms, I will have new opportunities, I will walk with new power, I will walk with new authority in Christ, I will burn with new fire, I will be clothed with new zeal, I will receive new directions from God that will direct me towards greater blessings, I will wear a new mantle, I will walk in new assignments, I will experience new breakthroughs (Mic. 2:13), I will receive new grace (Hebrews 4:16), I will operate with new boldness, I will have new courage (Joshua 1: 6), I will have new faith, I will drink new wine of the spirit, I will be a new wineskin (Matt. 9:17), I will receive new mercy (Lam. 3:23), I will see new visions and dreams of God, new rivers will flow in my life (Isa. 43: 19), I enjoy bountiful harvests (Amos 9:13), I am a cheerful giver (2 Cor. r. 9: 7), I have the oil of joy (Isaiah 61: 3), I have immense joy (1 Peter 4:13), I always rejoice (Philippians 4:4), I am determined, I am focused, I have honor, my hands are blessed, my feet are blessed, my path is blessed, I walk straight paths, I walk in the right direction, my mind is clear, my mind is healthy (2 Timothy 1:7), I have the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16), my eyes are blessed, my ears are blessed (Matt. 13:16).


I declare that no weapon forged against me will prosper. I take my shield of faith and extinguish all the fiery darts of the evil one. Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world. I stop and bind every spirit of revenge and shame that wants to come against me, my family, my Bethel Chicago church, because of the prayers, decrees and confessions that I make on this day, in the name of Jesus, I establish it.

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Prophesying to my Day  


Father, I begin this day giving all the glory to your name. I recognize according to Psalm 127:1 that only in You I can build my life and my family, therefore I ask for the help of your Holy Spirit to face the new challenges, decisions, goals, meetings and activities that I must carry out. I present my body as a living sacrifice, with Christ I am crucified together, do not let sin reign in my life and I do not obey its desires, therefore I renounce the desires of my eyes, my flesh and the pride of life.


Father, I decree and declare that I will not be anxious about anything, but with all prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, I will make my requests known to you. Today I rise up in faith knowing that you hear and answer my prayers because I bring you my needs, I will walk in your peace that passes all understanding, and will guard my heart and my mind. In stillness and silence, I will wait for you, and you will guide me on the path that I must go. Seal all these declarations that I present to you in prayer, in the name of Jesus. 


I break every curse and negative word that has been spoken over my life by other people, including those in authority, in the name of Jesus. I break the legal rights of all generational spirits behind a curse, in the name of Jesus. I bind and rebuke every familiar spirit and guiding spirit that wants to work in my life starting from my ancestors, in the name of Jesus.


I look forward to thanking you for the blessings that await me throughout this day, and I ask you to give me opportunities to serve you and to give me a word to boldly make your gospel known. I give you permission to govern all matters in my life, family, business, company, and ministry. 


Father, I anticipate the good things you have prepared for me today. Bring a complete order to my day while I look for You in the first place and doing Your will is my priority. I rejoice in the new day that you have given me. I praise you for making it fruitful and productive. Thank you for teaching me ways to increase my efficiency to work smarter. I work according to Your schedule and act to an audience of one, the Lord Jesus Christ. Your kingdom is my priority, fulfilling your divine assignment for my life is my pleasure and walking in your perfect time is my constant desire. 


Father, I wake up and declare that today is a new day. Every element of my day will cooperate with your purpose and destiny for me. Anything or anyone assigned to undermine, thwart, prevent, or do harm, I command it be removed from my sphere of influence. I command my day to fully cooperate with Your plan and purpose, superimpose Your will on the will of evil spirits and evil men, do not let evil come to my abode, deliver me from my enemies and those who persecute. Lord, destroy the cycles of debt, failure, frustration, and replace them with new cycles of victory, success, and prosperity. 


Father, break all the evil and inappropriate thought patterns and processes in my mind. I have the mind of Christ, I am anointed to think with creativity and precision, I have the wisdom of God moving in my being, I look for things that are above and not beneath. I stand on a spiritual level, accessing a new dimension of Divine Revelation and inspiration, and I will not go back, nor will I look back to use old ways, or old methodologies, or old strategies. I have received the spiritual update of my mind, my mind is free from all past and present negative thoughts, I decree and declare because I have put on the helmet of salvation, it will protect my mind and my thoughts. I have a paradigm of the divine Kingdom that gives me new ways of thinking, new ways of working, new ways of living and I thank you Father for giving me new technologies, methodologies, tactics and strategies to build your kingdom on this earth.                                                                  

                                                                                                                                              Lord, bless the works of my hands. May my name be associated with good things, may my name be on the mind of those that can help me advance your kingdom and put my name in the hearts of those whom I can serve personally or indirectly through my gifts and talents. Protect me from persecution and false accusations; keep me from greed, discouragement and sabotage. I welcome opportunities to grow, mature, and reach the stature of Jesus Christ. Allow my actions to be in tune with Your will. Father make me ascend to new levels of power, authority and access new dimensions of divine revelation. Breathe new life into every dream that I have let sleep in my life.  


Father, you spoke to nothing and created the world. I speak to this day and declare that it will cooperate with your plans. I declare that my day is pregnant with divine destiny. Thanks, father, for the divine connections that will help me advance Your kingdom. Lord, give me wisdom and understanding to be more efficient in my work, open doors to new opportunities and new revelations, bless the works of my hands. I choose to glorify you in everything I do. Father, I declare that my decisions today will change the trajectory of my future and align it with Your plans for me. Wherever I place my feet, I walk in Your authority and expand my territory by Your name. Increase my productivity and efficiency and give me wisdom to manage my resources wisely. 

Father, I’m not taking today for granted. Download a fresh vision and purpose in my spirit today so I can take advantage of every opportunity you give me. I free myself from the worries of yesterday and I will not worry about those of tomorrow, because you have given me the grace that is sufficient for each day. Your mercies are new every morning, and You have clothed me with a new purpose as I wait on you. My Father and my God, I thank you for your discipline and correction that prompts me to reach my full potential. I speak competence and excellence to my spirit. I invoke discipline in my life in order to sustain high levels of success and achievement for the kingdom of God. I decree and declare that growth and expansion are released in my life, in the name of Jesus. 

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Prayer of Gratitude 


Thank you, Lord, for the blessings you have given me. You have given me more than I could have imagined. Thank you for your infinite love and because you have never forsaken me. 

Thank you because of your love you have filled my house, my family and my environment with your blessings. Thank you because I have no need for anything because you always supply all my needs according to your riches in glory. Thank you for my family, my friends, my church and for putting people in my path again and again, whose encouragement and kindness I will never forget. 


I am grateful for your protection and your constant protection against danger. Thank you for the answered prayers, the fun surprises, and the happy memories with my loved ones and friends. Thank you for the faithful servants who help make the world a safer place, such as police officers, firefighters, lifeguards, pastors, and teachers. Thank you for those who work long hours and contribute to my life and well-being through their service. 


Thank you for always meeting my needs, big or small. Thank you for Your Word that is a lamp to my feet, a light on my path, it always sustains me, guides me and strengthens me in difficult moments. And above all Father, thank you for my salvation and the relationship I have with you through Jesus Christ. 

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Declaration of Hunger and Thirst for God 


Holy Spirit, help us to make conscious and intelligent decisions to use our time in a useful way, to feed ourselves with the good word of God. We don’t know enough; We haven’t heard enough through the years, and we haven’t eaten enough. Help us to seek more of you and feed ourselves with your Word daily, so that we can be strengthened in our spirit, and develop and grow in a healthy way, according to your will. 


Your Word says; “O God, you are my God; At dawn I will look for you; My soul thirsts for you, my flesh longs for you …” (Psalm 63:1), so we ask you to put in us the desire, passion and hunger to seek you with all our heart, strength and mind. We want to continually live in communion with you, always trusting and depending on you, according to Proverbs 3:5 and 6.


“O Lord! awaken hunger in us to get closer to you ”. Your Word is our lifeline, the help we need to overcome the sin in our flesh and the corruption that comes from following our desires. It is Your Word that transforms us and prepares us for your kingdom, Your Word is the reason for our existence here on earth.


Your Word says; “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied” (Matthew 5:6). We are hungry and thirsty for you Lord! Don’t let materialism, money, the cares of our life take your place. We renounce to every spirit in the world, curiosity, apathy, carnal complacency, cheating, tricks, lies, obstacles, deception, sinful amusement, influence of unclean spirits, and any abnormality, renounced and unauthorized, in the name of Jesus. We ask you to guide us daily to a personal and supernatural encounter with you, to be transformed. We believe it, accept it, and declare it in Christ Jesus.

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 Prayer For My Family


Father, in the name of Jesus I present my family, declaring that Psalm 127:1 is the center of our lives, I ask you to help us to always obey your holy Word and serve you every day of our lives . I ask that your blessing and favor be on each one of them, take care of them from all dangers, diseases, pain, plagues, contagious viruses, accidents, abuse, free them from all danger and emotional problems. May no evil reach them and may your mantle of protection cover them at all times and in all places. We declare that you give us wisdom to make the right decisions, to understand and do your good, acceptable and perfect will in all spheres of our lives.


I ask you in the name of Jesus that all selfishness, pride, strife, bitterness, resentment, dishonest words, destructive criticism, anger and all evil works be cast out of our families and that it be replaced with the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy , peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, unity and words that bring, consolation, exhortation, and edification. 


Help us to be responsible, to take care of each other, to respect and accept each other, above all make us people who know how to forgive from the heart, to forgive as you have forgiven us without holding any resentment, in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen .

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Prayer for my Marriage


Jesus I invite you to be the Lord in my marriage, that your presence always guides us to make wise decisions based on your perfect will and that you protect us from all evil. Please make our marriage fruitful and open to Your will in the privilege of procreation and the care of life. Help us build a strong, safe, loving, and faith-filled family. Lord, do not allow the love that unites my spouse and I to be lost, that in our hearts sprout the desires of wanting to fight to form a better home together.


Father, I ask you to forgive us and heal us from every act of violence, evil, every act of revenge, every hurtful word and any other sin committed in our marriage. In the name of Jesus I ask you to cleanse us of everything that does not please you. 


Therefore, by the power of your name, I ask that any situation of interference from the negative patterns of marriages and relationships that my ancestors had, to this day, be broken. Patterns of unhappiness in married life, patterns of mistrust between spouses, compulsive habits of sins that have been dragged from generation to generation; among all families, like a curse. May they be broken now by the power of the name and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

It doesn’t matter, Jesus, where it all started, what the causes were; I declare that all the healing and deliverance that is necessary reaches us all now, by the power and authority of your name. Break, Lord Jesus, any expression of heartbreak that may be living in my family, situations of hatred, resentment, envy, rage, desire for revenge, desire to end the relationship; may all this collapse Jesus, and may your presence reign in our midst.

In the power of your blood, Jesus, I end all the indifferent behavior in my marriage that has extinguished our love. I renounce to the pride of asking for forgiveness, the pride of admitting my mistakes; I renounce to the evil words that I said to my spouse, words of curse, words of humiliation, hurtful words that have hurt and left negative marks on the heart. I pray that you heal and deliver us from the consequences today that are reflected in our lives because of those realities.

I renounce and cancel every word of denial or curse that I have declared about my marriage, I make it inoperative and I rebuke all spirits of division, fights, confusion, and misunderstandings. I break every generational curse that wants to affect or destroy my marriage in the name of Jesus. I declare your perfect love and wisdom in my marriage, may your peace that passes all understanding guard our hearts. I declare that my marriage is protected with Your power, Your authority and we are an example to follow for the next generation, In Christ Jesus we pray, Amen.

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Declarations for Our Children 


Today, I prophetically declare over our children that they come out of every environment of pain, failure, sterility, misery, hopelessness, unproductiveness, depression and every attack from the enemy. Our children are healthy, wise and favored in the name of Jesus. Father, I ask you for strength for our children so that when they do difficult things, they never give up, that they learn from their mistakes and that they never give up.


Give them the wisdom to recognize what is good and what is bad. Protect them from falling into the traps of addiction, abuse, anxiety, depression, and pride.


Help our children to understand that they “were created in an admirable and wonderful way” according to Psalm 139:14. Help them to put their trust in You because You have great plans for their lives, and even when times are difficult You have promised to give them a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)


Help them also Lord, to make good decisions that have positive impacts on their future. Train them and help them to always keep their gaze firmly directed towards You and towards Your will so that they are always in tune with what You want them to do. Give them hunger for Your word, and help them to guard it jealously in their hearts.


We prophesy that every spiritual, emotional and physical bond that wants to come or that has stunted their growth, crippled their dreams, stunted their lives, wounded and beaten down, is broken in the name of Jesus. Our children are free from all power of the enemy in the name of Jesus. 


We prophesy that the covenant that Jehovah swore to fulfill in our families is manifested in the lives of our children according to Isaiah 54:13, and the Lord restores in them the line of blessed princes of the house of Jehovah, the Lord recalls in this day and its promises we will see fulfilled in them.


We prophesy that the Lord Jesus restores honor, their position of authority in the kingdom, the legal right to be blessed up to a thousand generations.  We prophesy in the name of Jesus that what our children lost or what the enemy stole from them will be fully restored to them. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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General Healing Prayer

Father, in the name of Jesus we present to you all the people who need healing, who need your divine touch so that their health is restored and we thank you Father for your mercy and your perfect love to heal them.


Father I remind you of what you say in; Isaiah 53:4-5  “Certainly he bore our diseases, and suffered our pains; but he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our sins; the punishment of our peace was upon him, and by his stripes we are healed”, and In Jeremiah 30:17, you have promised to bring healing to them, and to heal their wounds. In Jeremiah 33:6, “Behold, I will bring you Healing and Medicine; and I will heal them, and reveal to them an abundance of peace and truth. ”


Therefore, in the name of Jesus, we rebuke every symptom of any disease that is attacking your children and loved ones. In the name of Jesus, we declare healing to all aspects of the genetic makeup of sick people and abnormalities in the chemistry of their brain that regain life and order according to Romans 8:11 And if the Spirit of the one who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, the same one who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you. 


In the mighty name of Jesus, I order that all defective genes that have undergone mutation be removed and restore their genetic makeup to its original and fit-for-purpose condition.


In the name of Jesus we declare the inflammation  of nerves, tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons that is causing pain, is healed right now, in the name of Jesus. No more pain! In the name of Jesus I declare healing, the immediate clarity of mental confusion and even in the distance, God will bring healing. Father, send your warrior angels to drive out all disease, in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father for answering our prayers.


Also Father, your Word says in Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. Therefore, we declare that in the name of Jesus we are free from everything that is causing insomnia and you make us sleep peacefully because your Word says in Psalms 3: 5, I lie down, I fall asleep and I wake up again, because the Lord sustains me. 


We declare that we have a healthy mind and body. We are strengthened, revitalized, transformed, renewed, we are your instruments Lord, which you can use to transform other lives. We declare in Psalm 118:17 that we will not die, but will live, thank you Father for divine and medical healing, in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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Prayer for Emotional Healing

Father, in the name of your Son Jesus I ask you to heal me from stress, anxiety and depression. I declare that You are Jehovah Rafa my healer, for this reason today I choose to strengthen myself in You and in the power of Your might. Father, sanctify me in Your truth; Your word is the truth, for which now I lead all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ,I declare that the blood of Christ has cleansed me from all sin, I declare that you have not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and self control. Heal me and free me from everything that binds me, for not having accepted me as I am and where I was born: for not having accepted my sexual identity assigned by God and my physical features, my weaknesses, my disabilities, my character, my temperament and all my flaws.


I declare that I am free from all fear, free from discouragement, and hopelessness. I renounce all lies of the enemy; the lie that I am unworthy, inadequate, the lie that you do not listen to me, that you do not love me, that I do not deserve to be healed. Father, I ask you to take full control of my life, my mind, my emotions and I declare your promises according to Jeremiah 30:17 and Jeremiah 33: 6, to receive my healing and abundant Peace. 


Therefore, in the name of Jesus I now command all spirits connected to depression, anxiety, fear, insanity, addictions, torment, shame, inferiority, low self-esteem, discouragement, self-hatred, self-mutilation, suicide, to let go of me and I declare them inoperative in my life, in the name of Jesus. I declare Your healing in my body, in my mind, in my emotions, in my spirit and I declare that I am free from all emotional attacks in the name of Jesus and that I have the mind of Christ because You have made me according to Your image, I am accepted , loved, created with a destiny and purpose, in Christ Jesus, Amen. 

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Prosperity and Financial Solvency


Holy Father, we come before your presence in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. We bless you and thank you because your prosperity and your provision always come to our home, because we have honored you and will always honor you with our financial assets, with our tithes and offerings, including our first fruits according to Ezekiel 44:30. 


We confess that your Word opens doors for us and empowers us to receive full provision and financial blessing throughout the year. We ask you Father, in the name of Jesus, that you first prosper our soul and we yearn to prosper in all spiritual things. Thank you because we are already receiving it from you. Before your presence we declare your powerful Word, which has been established from eternity to eternity and we confess that Your Word opens the doors for us for financial provision and blessing.


In the Name of Jesus we thank you for blessing us and prospering us as children of Almighty God, in such a way that we can be a blessing to the nations of the earth. We hold on to the promise that you will bless us and we will be a blessing, so we declare that your blessing is in our lives, in the lives of our children and in the lives of our children’s children. As the seed of Abraham and heirs of the world, we will use your power to build wealth, and we believe that we receive wealth in whatever way your will, will grant us.


We believe that these riches include wisdom and faith, revealed knowledge and the anointing of increase, gifts and fruits of the Spirit; creative ideas, concepts and inspirations. There are also houses, lands, businesses, contracts, favors, jobs, promotions, opportunities for ministry and counseling. We see gifts, inheritances, debt cancellation, vehicles, paid vacations, prestige, bonuses, rewards, scholarships, and sums of money; unlimited resources, great employees, good co-workers and customers; Overflowing bank deposits, and bank accounts, investments, inventions, precious stones, metals and oil, and the land from which it comes.


We declare in the name of Jesus that Your blessings reach us, that our field is blessed, our house is blessed and the blessing of our inheritance extends to our generations and that every work of our hands will always prosper. We declare in the name of Jesus that the curse of indolence, neglect, laziness, greed, poverty, meanness and vices are ripped from our lives and my generations. 


We declare your Word in 3 John 1:2 where it says; “Beloved, I wish above all things that you are prosperous and that you have health, just as your soul prospers.” Therefore Father, in the name of your Son Jesus, we declare and confess that You supply all our needs according to Philippians 4:19 and we believe because we have generously given we will receive good measure, pressed, shaken together and overflowing in our lap. 


We declare that we have the wealth of the wicked and we owe nothing to anyone but love! We declare that the spirit of debt is destroyed over our lives, families and our church according to Your promises. We lend and we do not borrow, we are the head and not the tail. God has given us the power to make wealth, we are blessed as we come in and blessed as we go out. Goods and riches are in our house and they increase more and more and the devourer is reprimanded for our good and cannot destroy the fruits of our land. 


We declare what your word says in 2 Corinthians 9:8 “And God can make all grace abound in you, so that, always having all that is sufficient in all things, you may abound for every good work.” In the name of Jesus, we are not under the shackles of the economic system of this country, but we have the blessing and we are under the covering of the economy of the kingdom of God. Therefore, we declare that we have sufficient in all things, and we will continue to honor with our time, talents and finances, and abound in every good work to establish your kingdom and the evil one does not touch us. 


We declare what your Word says: that all the riches of the wicked and their money come into our hands now, in Jesus’ Name. We exercise diligence on this day, because the hand of the diligent enriches us. Today our home is blessed and the Lord’s blessing enriches us. The grace of God today is abundant towards each one of the members of this family with abundant harvest coming from our sown seeds. We declare that because Jesus became poor, through his poverty we become rich. God promised that goods and riches would be in our home because we fear Him and take great delight in His commandments. God is rich to those who invoke him. We are immensely wealthy and we leave an inheritance to our children’s children. Our entire house diligently hears the voice of the Lord our God and observes in doing according to all his commandments, which He commands us today. Therefore, God has placed us above all the nations of the earth and all the blessings of His covenant come upon us and reach us.


I ask you Father, in the name of Jesus, that you first prosper my soul. I long for prosperity in all spiritual things. Thank you because I am already receiving it from you. Before your presence I declare your mighty Word, which has been established from eternity to eternity and I confess that Your Word opens the doors for me for financial provision and blessing.


I declare that we are not under the bonds of the economic system of this country, but we are under the covering of the economy of the kingdom of God. Therefore, I declare that we have all sufficient in all things, and we will continue to honor him with our time, talents, and finances, and abound in every good work to establish His kingdom. I break every mission of the enemy against my economy, in the name of Jesus. I break all curses of poverty, lack, doubt and failure in the name of Jesus. I seek first the Kingdom of God and his justice and everything else will follow. I declare that the blessing of the Lord is in my life and makes me rich, I am blessed on my way in and out. I declare that I am a servant of God and He is pleased with my prosperity. I give and it will be given to me in good measure, pressed, shaken together and overflowing. 

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Confession for Entrepreneurs and Businessmen ” tab_id=”1623273262475-36d5fc86-a391″]

Confession for Entrepreneurs and Businessmen 


Father, we declare that entrepreneurs and businessmen receive from you, the ability and grace to do fruitful mega businesses, to position themselves in places of honor, we declare that you will visit their companies with the purpose of making it flourish with economic resources during the entire year. 


Beloved Father be generous with them and put them on the same level as successful entrepreneurs and may they never diminish the portion and the success they will obtain in the coming years. We confess that today the heavens are opened over their businesses, and that you send your favor, the dreams, and the grace that was in Joseph over their lives so that they have in their hands the key to open the years of abundance. 


My eternal God, rebuke the evil and the intentions of people who want to harm them to leave them in ruin. Send your Spirit, send a mentor or a signal, to warn them in advance of the danger that they may have, and may affect them.


May they put their job, their business, their skills, their trade or profession at your feet, and we ask you to open the doors so that they can obtain a fair salary and an honest profit. Just as you multiplied the loaves, Lord commands that what they have in their hands be multiplied. Just as you transformed water into wine, turn what little they have radically transformed into something of utility and value. Just as you walked on the waters, Lord give them a revelation so that they can walk on the storms that seek to plunge them into despair.


I declare that all the money that has been stolen, be returned multiplied seven times more and added to all the interests that could have been earned. May the Lord make you stronger, more blessed than before, and for his name’s sake fill your hearts with peace and trust so that you will see the greening of the fields, the arrival of good measure shaken together and overflowing.

I declare that they will always thank and honor God with all their earnings, that they will give him the first and best of what they received from his hand. In the name that is above all names, in Jesus our Savior we pray, amen. 

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Declarations for our Church

We, the body of believers at Bethel Chicago Church, enforce God’s original plans and purposes in our lives and in the life of this ministry. We are citizens of the kingdom of God and we are doers of the Word of God and not just hearers. We are what God’s Word says we are, we have what God’s Word says we have, and we can do what God’s Word says we can do. We cling to our confession of faith and we do not become cowards, we do not give up.


We declare that Bethel Chicago is the house of God, we are a house of revelation and prayer, we are fulfilling the commission to win the lost, making disciples and establishing the Kingdom of God in all the earth. We declare that we have unity in the midst of diversity, loving those with whom we have nothing in common, more than the gospel. Father, attract the lost and send angels as reapers to bring families from the North, South, East and West of Chicago, this Nation and the rest of the world to Bethel Chicago. 


In the name of Jesus we pray that they come to our Church and here they will be saved, free, healed and transformed through Your preached Word. Our Church grows and multiplies according to Ezekiel 36:10. May the members share the gospel this week so that we will see more conversions in our services.


We break every curse of witchcraft, sorcery, and evil sent against our Church to stagnate it spiritually, numerically, and financially. We rebuke every demonic attack against us and speak life, joy, love and peace over our Church. Our Bethel Chicago Church is blessed and we live under open skies. The blessing of the Lord makes us rich and does not add sadness with it. We are increasing more and more and goods and wealth are in our church. We continually sow generously and reap a bountiful harvest for every seed sown.


At Bethel Chicago we have strong marriages and families woven together in love and rooted in God’s Word. Our children and young people fear the Lord, obey and honor their parents. Visitors who come stay, are converted, serve God faithfully, and invite others. 


We declare that in 2022, Bethel Chicago will be thriving in all that our hands do, we declare that we are redeemed from debt, poverty, lack and we have more than enough to build the kingdom of God. We declare that the wealth of the wicked, the treasures of darkness, and the hidden riches of secret places come to our church now, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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Prayer for Our Pastors 


Father God, we thank you for our spiritual parents; Alberto and Lucy Guerrero, our covering Pastor Noemí Álvarez, Prophet Victor Fredes, the pastors of Bethel Chicago and RAMR who work in unity with them. We declare that all are filled with the spirit of wisdom and revelation in your knowledge. All of them are fulfilling your purpose and perfect plan for their lives. They hear the voice of the good Shepherd and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. We pray that the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, advice, power, and your favor guide you in every meeting, activity, engagement, business, and conversation you participate in throughout 2022. 


We thank you that they are protected from all ailment, harm, danger and accident. They are the redeemed of the Lord, they are in covenant with Jehovah God, therefore sickness, disease, poverty, lack, fear, oppression and sins have no power over them. We pray that they can resist criticism, provocations, discouragement from disunity. May they overcome financial pressures. We pray against discouragement by comparison. We pray against discouragement for members who leave. We pray against any kind of discouragement and declare that they are strong and courageous. They are not afraid or discouraged, because You are with them wherever they go. (Joshua 1:9) Devil, you are bound and have no authority over our pastors, their relatives, or their possessions.


Father, we thank you that you have opened the doors for them to proclaim the gospel with signs and wonders locally and globally. They have clarity of vision and are always in the right place, at the right time, with the right information, the right understanding, and with all the supplies they need. The anointing of increase is on their lives and everything they do prospers.        

We thank you that their families are of one heart and in common agreement, and they are enjoying the days of heaven on earth. We declare that the family of all RAMR Pastors and Pastors Alberto and Lucy Guerrero; His 3 children with their spouses and 7 grandchildren, are powerful on earth, are protected from all evil and are blessed with health, goods and wealth. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Prayer for the Leaders of Our Church ” tab_id=”1623273658127-4df0cd0d-0a45″]

Prayer for the Leaders of Our Church 

Beloved Father, in the name of your son Jesus, I present to you all the Pastors, Leaders; workers who faithfully serve you at Bethel Chicago, I pray Lord, that you strengthen them, and may the spirit of Wisdom, Science, Intelligence, Knowledge, Counsel, Power, and the fear of God rest upon each of them. I ask that they can carry out the work that has been entrusted to them in a spirit of unity, submission and obedience to our Pastors Alberto and Lucy Guerrero, because they watch over our souls (Hebrews 13:17). 

Father, I ask you in the name of Jesus that Bethel Chicago’s leadership be prosperous in all things, and that they have whole health (3 John 2). May your grace, favor, power and anointing be poured out upon them and may they hunger and thirst for you every day, Lord. I ask you to keep them pure in their conduct and be “blameless” (1 Tim. 3: 2, Tit. 1: 6-7). 


I ask you that the motivation of their hearts always be pure and that they are not mixed in the cares of life (Luke 21:34, 1 Jn 2: 16-17, 2 Cor. 7:11). May their minds be pure and not distracted (Phil. 4: 8). May they love peace (1 Tim. 3: 3) and be peacemakers. I ask you that they be open to reason and good listeners to the advice of your Word and to be full of mercy and good fruits. I ask you that they be impartial and sincere. Give them revelation of your Word, empower them, and protect them from all temptation. May they experience an intense desire to continually walk in your presence and have communion with you.

Pour over them the passion and the desire to live in a way worthy of the vocation to which they have been called and let their light shine before men, so that they may see their good works, and glorify you Father. We ask for forgiveness if we have failed to set a good example, cleanse us, sanctify us so that through our good works and our words we can illuminate the path of the lost towards the cross of Christ. Amen.

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Prayer of Confession for the City of Chicago” tab_id=”1623273817154-5c17edb3-13e9″]

Prayer of Confession for the City of Chicago


Father, we confidently come to the throne of Your grace interceding for the City of Chicago and for our honorable Mayor, Lori Lightfoot. Father, thank you for preserving this city and bringing restoration and integrity to our 77 communities and 221 neighborhoods. 


We pray Proverbs 11:11 and declare that by the blessing of the upright the city will be magnified; But by the mouth of the wicked it will be overthrown. We pray for a spiritual awakening in the hearts of the residents of all communities. Give us Bethel Chicago the strategies and resources to win people of all ages in our community and the rest of the 76 communities for Christ. Give us your wisdom and favor to enter the market, Hospitals, schools, government and companies with the powerful gospel of Christ. Help us restore faith and vision in this generation and kindle in them a holy fire and godly passion that will destroy all unclean influences. We decree that Jesus is Lord over Chicago and the surrounding cities, therefore our cities will be transformed! 


We declare Jeremiah 29:7 “And seek the peace of the city I have transported you, and pray for her to the Lord; because in his peace you will have peace.” Every strategy that the enemy has devised against the people in this city is hampered and defeated. 

We bless every individual, family, neighborhood, business, and area of ​​government in this city. Give us favor with the community and political leaders of this city to be instruments of transformation and we ask that you send us and other workers to all 77 communities bearing witness to your gospel, bringing healing to the brokenhearted, deliverance to the captives, freedom and restoration to those who are hurt.

Father, send an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, wisdom, truth, love, joy, peace, justice, faith, holiness and your Word to saturate this entire city. Father, thank you that your Word does not return empty, but will fulfill everything that is sent to do in the City of Chicago, in the name of Jesus. Amen!        

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Confession for our Nation USA and State Illinois ” tab_id=”1623274417213-af1a1ea1-b3a0″]

Confession for our Nation USA and State Illinois  


Father, at this moment I want to give you my country. We thank you that this nation is blessed because our God is the Lord and we are the people you have chosen for your inheritance. Bless the entire population, I know that you are in control. 


God, I ask that you continue to put your hand on my precious nation and provide the leaders with wisdom to guide us in the right direction. Father, we ask you to keep our state and nation in peace, prosperity, and in your fear at all times. We bless our Governor Jay Robert Pritzker and our President Joe Biden and their families and we promise never to speak negatively against our leaders in accordance with what you have commanded us in Exodus 22:28. Give them wisdom and reverence from your holy Word, in Jesus name.

Even if they do not believe in you Lord, I ask you to speak to them in different ways so that they can make decisions where they can honor you and make life better for all who inhabit this precious land. It is written; “Let everyone submit to higher authorities; because there is no authority except on the part of God, and those that exist have been established by God. “(Romans 13: 1)


We declare your Word and Your truth in all areas of life in the citizens of the state of Illinois and our nation that men may say: “Certainly this great state and nation is a wise and intelligent people.” Your word says; “For the kingdom is the Lord’s, and he will rule the nations.” (Psalms 22:28). That is why we ask you for this nation. So that they rule it in such a way that those who run it and the inhabitants who live in it come to know you and be saved. Father, I also ask you for the security of my nation, for the economic well-being, and for the blessing of all the military that guard it. We pray all this, in the name of Jesus. Amen!

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Confessions of Faith, Wisdom, Favor and Increase” tab_id=”1625944990004-5f14f55e-ba22″]



Galatians 3:11 And that by law no one is justified with God, it is evident, because: The just shall live by faith;


I prophesy by faith (Romans 12:6). I am not an unbeliever, I am a believer. By faith I please God (Heb. 11:6), I live by faith (Galatians 3:11), I walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor.5:7). I am strong in faith (Romans 4:20), I take up the shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16), I have a faith that moves mountains (Mark 11:23). Through faith, nothing is impossible (Matthew 17: 20), My faith heals me (Matthew 9:22), My faith gives me victory (1 John 5:4), My faith grows greatly (2 Thessalonians 1:3). I believe and I will see the glory of God ( John 11:40). Faith in my heart is released through my mouth. I have the word of faith (Rom. 10: 8). I am faithful. 


James 1: 5 “But if any of you is lacking in wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all abundantly and without reproach, and it will be given to you ”

Proverbs 4: 7 “ Wisdom is the main thing; therefore, acquire wisdom, and with all your effort acquire understanding. ”  


Wisdom gives me favor, Wisdom gives me strength, Wisdom gives me a good sleep, Wisdom promotes me, Wisdom gives me riches and honor, Wisdom is my relative, Wisdom lengthens my days, I associate with wise people, I receive instruction and correction. I have good vision and I seek wisdom. Wisdom is important to me (Prov. 4), My tongue is full of wisdom (Luke 21:15), Wisdom directs me, Wisdom protects me, I have the spirit of wisdom, Christ is my wisdom and therefore I have; purity, I am peaceful, I am not partial, I am not hypocritical, I have good fruits, I am approachable (James 3:17), I have integrity, I walk in truth (Prov. 3:3),I operate in meekness, I walk in fear of the Lord (Prov. 9:10), I avoid foolishness, I do not walk in the counsel of the wicked (Ps. 1:1).


I get good advice (Proverbs 20:18), I give good advice. Make wise decisions, I operate at the right time (Eccl 9:11), I take godly opportunities, I do not waste, I’m not lazy (Prov.18: 9), I am diligent (Proverbs 12:24.) I keep my heart (Prov 04:23) I speak the right words and rule my spirit (Prov 25:28) 

Psalms 5:12 “For You, O Lord, bless the righteous, As with a shield You surround them with Your favor.”

Job 10:12  “You have given me life and grace, and your visitation has preserved my spirit.” 

I have life and favor. Increase in favor, I have an abundance of favor, I have favor with God and with men (Luke 2:52), I have an unusual and financial favor. I have Favor with influential people, Favor everywhere, Favor with land and real estate. I have favorable results and Favorable positions. I have favorable responses and I am surrounded by favor (Ps. 5:12). My ways are favored, accompanied by Wisdom (Prov. 8:35). I Have Favor with my offering (2 Cor. 9:8), Favor with the King (Prov. 16:15), I Show Favor and I receive favor. God is merciful to me and shows me favor (Num. 6: 24-26). I have favor for my assignment, My business is favored, My products are favored, I receive favorable contracts, Favor opens doors for me, Favor gives me access, Favor makes me succeed, Favor always promotes me, I have the key of favor and I wear a crown of favor. 


Psalm 115:  The Lord will increase more and more, and your children.” 


I DECLARE THAT I HAVE; Increase in wisdom, increase in counsel, increase in discretion, increase in discernment, increase in knowledge, increase in understanding, increase in power and increase in miracles. I am the Lord’s plantation. I am like an olive tree. I am like a cedar in Lebanon. I am like a palm tree. I am like a fig tree. I am like a fruitful vine. I am like a tree planted by streams of water. I am like a branch that runs over the wall. I am like an oak of justice. I am like a grenade. I am a tree of life. I am a source of life. I receive streams in the desert and rivers in high places. I will be greater than before. Increase in influence, increase in revelation, increase in stature, increase in fertility, increase in power, increase in authority, increase in faith and increase in love. I DECLARE THAT IT IS a year of expansion, a year of dominance, a year of acceleration and a year momentum. 


Now, thanks be to God, who always makes me triumph in Christ and He will make good and mercy follow me all the days of my life, in the name of Jesus.


I declare that no weapon forged against me will prosper. I take my shield of faith and extinguish all the fiery darts of the evil one, Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world. I stop and bind every spirit of revenge and shame that wants to come against me, my family, my Bethel Chicago church, because of the prayers, decrees and confessions that I make on this day, in the name of Jesus, I establish it.


Dr. Alberto J Guerrero, Min. D. 

Bethel Chicago, 2022

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21 Daily Blessing Declarations during the Fasting


1) I DECLARE God’s incredible blessings over my life. I will see an explosion of God’s goodness, a sudden widespread increase. I will experience the surpassing greatness of God’s favor. It will elevate me to a level higher than I ever dreamed of. Explosive blessings are coming my way. 

2) I DECLARE I will experience God’s faithfulness. I will not worry. I will not doubt. I will keep my trust in Him, knowing that He will not fail me. I will give birth to every promise God put in my heart and I will become everything God created me to be. 

3) I DECLARE I have the grace I need for today. I am full of power, strength, and determination. Nothing I face will be too much for me. I will overcome every obstacle, outlast every challenge, and come through every difficulty better off than I was before. 

4) I DECLARE it is not too late to accomplish everything God has placed in my heart. I have not missed my window of opportunity.  God has moments of favor in my future. He is preparing me right now because He is about to release a special grace to help me accomplish that dream. This is my time. This is my moment. I receive it today!  

5) I DECLARE I am grateful for who God is in my life and for what He’s done. I will not take for granted the people, the opportunities, and the favor He has blessed me with. I will look at what is right and not what is wrong. I will thank Him for what I have and not complain about what I don’t have. I will see each day as a gift from God. My heart will overflow with praise and gratitude for all of His goodness.

6) I DECLARE a legacy of faith over my life. I declare that I will store up blessings for future generations. My life is marked by excellence and integrity. Because I’m making right choices and taking steps of faith, others will want to follow me. God’s abundance is surrounding my life today.  

7) I DECLARE that God has a great plan for my life. He is directing my steps. And even though I may not always understand how, I know my situation is not a surprise to God. He will work out every detail to my advantage. In His perfect timing, everything will turn out right. 

8) I DECLARE God’s dream for my life is coming to pass. It will not be stopped by people, disappointments, or adversities. God has solutions to every problem I will ever face already lined up. The right people and the right breaks are in my future. I will fulfill my destiny. 

9) I DECLARE unexpected blessings are coming my way. I will move forward from barely making it to having more than enough. God will open up supernatural doors for me. He will speak to the right people about me. I will see Ephesians 3:20 exceedingly, abundantly, above-and-beyond favor and increase in my life. 

10) I DECLARE that God will accelerate His plan for my life as I put my trust in Him. I will accomplish my dreams faster than I thought possible. It will not take years to overcome obstacles, to get out of debt, or to meet the right person. God is doing things faster than before. He will give me victory sooner than I think. He has blessings that will thrust me years ahead. 

11) I DECLARE Ephesians 3:20 over my life. God will do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I ask or think. Because I honor Him, His blessings will chase me down and overtake me. I will be in the right place at the right time. People will go out of their way to be good to me. I am surrounded by God’s favor.  

12) I DECLARE I am special and extraordinary. I am not average! I have been custom-made. I am one of a kind. Of all the things God created, what He is most proud of is me. I am his masterpiece, His most prized possession. I will keep my head held high, knowing I am a child of the most high God, made in His very image. 

13) I DECLARE that God is bringing about new seasons of growth.  I will not get stagnant and hold on to the old.  I will be open to change knowing that God has something better in front of me.  New doors of opportunity, new relationships, and new levels of favor are in my future. 

14) I DECLARE that I will use my words to bless people.  I will speak favor and victory over my family, friends, and loved ones.  I will help call out their seeds of greatness by telling them “I’m proud of you. I love you. You are amazing. You are talented. You are beautiful. You will do great things in life.”  

15) I DECLARE that I have a sound mind filled with good thoughts, not thoughts of defeat. By faith, I am well able. I am anointed. I am equipped. I am empowered. My thoughts are guided by God’s Word, every day. No obstacle can defeat me because my mind is programmed for victory. 

16) I DECLARE that I will live as a healer. I am sensitive to the needs of those around me. I will lift the fallen, restore the broken, and encourage the discouraged, I am full of compassion and kindness. I won’t just look for a miracle. I will become someone’s miracle by showing God’s love and mercy everywhere I go.

17) I DECLARE I will put actions behind my faith. I will not be passive or indifferent. I will demonstrate my faith by taking bold steps to move toward what God has put in my heart. My faith will not be hidden; it will be seen. I know when God sees my faith, He will show up and do amazing things. 

18) I DECLARE breakthroughs are coming in my life, sudden bursts of God’s goodness. Not a trickle. Not a stream.  But a flood of God’s power.  A flood of healing.  A flood of wisdom.  A flood of favor.  I am a breakthrough person and I choose to live breakthrough minded. I am expecting God to overwhelm me with His goodness and amaze me with His favor. 

19) I DECLARE there is an anointing of ease in my life. God is going before me making crooked places straight. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I will not continually struggle. What used to be difficult will not be difficult anymore. God’s favor and blessing on my life is lightening the load and taking the pressure off. 

20) I DECLARE that I am calm and peaceful. I will not let people or circumstances upset me. I will rise above every difficulty, knowing that God has given me the power to remain calm. I choose to live my life happy, bloom where I am planted, and let God fight my battles. 

21) I DECLARE God’s supernatural favor over my life. What I could not make happen on my own, God will make happen for me. Supernatural opportunities, healing, restoration, and breakthroughs are coming my way. I am getting stronger, healthier, and wiser. I will discover talent that I didn’t know I had and I will accomplish my God-given dream.


Dr. Alberto J Guerrero, Min. D. 

Bethel Chicago, ­ 2022

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It’s God’s Will to Heal  


How do we know whether it’s God’s will to heal us or not? It makes little difference what others say about it. What did He say about it?  

Remember that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10: 34) and He never changes (Mal. 3:6). So what He said to them yesterday, He is saying to you today. God’s word is God speaking to me.  

(These declarations are taken directly from the Bible with little or no variation. The  verbs and construction have been changed to apply to you personally and to sum up the thoughts in some instances. Also, many of these declarations are prefaced  by phrases like, “If you walk in My commandments”, “If you believe…obey…” etc.)  What did God say?  



Old Testament  


1) I am the Lord that healeth thee (Ex. 15:26).  

2) Your days shall be one hundred and twenty years (Gen. 6:3) 

3) You shall be buried in a good old age (Gen. 15:15).  

4) You shall come to your grave in a full age like a shock of corn cometh in its season (Job 5:26)  

5) When I see the blood, I will pass over you and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you (Ex. 12:13).  

6) I will take sickness away from the midst of you and the number of your days I will fulfill (Ex. 23: 25, 26).  

7) I will not put any of the diseases you are afraid of on you, but I will take all sickness away from you (Deut. 7:15).  

8) It will be well with you and your days shall be multiplied and prolonged as the days of heaven upon the earth (Deut. 11:9, 21).  

9) I turned the curse into a blessing unto you, because I loved you (Deut. 23:5 and Neh. 13:2).  

10) I have redeemed you from every sickness and every plague (Deut. 28:61 and Gal.  3:13).  

11) As your days, so shall your strength be (Deut. 33:25).  

12) I have found a ransom for you, your flesh shall be fresher than a child’s and you shall return to the days of your youth (Job 33:24, 25).  

13) I have healed you and brought up your soul from the grave; I have kept you alive from going down into the pit (Ps. 30:1, 2).  

14) I will give you strength and bless you with peace (Ps. 29:11).  

15) I will preserve you and keep you alive (Ps. 41:2). 

16) I will strengthen you upon the bed of languishing; I will turn all your bed in your sickness (Ps. 41:3).  

17) I am the health of your countenance and your God (Ps.43:5).

18) No plague shall come near your dwelling (Ps. 91:10).  

19) I will satisfy you with long life (Ps. 91:16).  

20) I heal all your diseases (Ps. 103:3).  

21) I sent My word and healed you and delivered you from your destruction (Ps.  107:20).  

22) You shall not die, but live, and declare My works (Ps. 118:17).  

23) I heal your broken heart and bind up your wounds (Ps. 147:3).  

24) The years of your life shall be many (Pr. 4:10).  

25) Trusting Me brings health to your navel and marrow to your bones (Pr. 3:8).  

26) My words are life to you, and health/medicine to all your flesh (Pr. 4:22). 

27) (My) good report makes your bones healthy (Pr. 15:30).  

28) (My) pleasant words are sweet to your soul and health to your bones (Pr. 16:24).  

29) My joy is your strength. A merry heart does good like a medicine (Neh. 8:10; Pr.  17:22).  

30) The eyes of the blind shall be opened. The eyes of them that see shall not be dim (Isa. 32:3; 35:5).  

31) The ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. The ears of them that hear shall hear (Isa. 32:3; 35:5).  

32) The tongue of the mute shall sing. The tongue of the stammerers shall be ready to speak clearly (Isa. 35:6; 32:4).  

33) The lame man shall leap like a deer (Isa. 35:6).  

34) I will recover you and make you live. I am ready to save you (Isa. 38:16, 20).  

35) I give power to the weak.. I increase strength to them that have no strength (Isa.  40:29).  

36) I will renew your strength. I will strengthen and help you (Isa. 40:31; 41:10).  

37) To your old age and gray hairs I will carry you and I will deliver you (Isa. 46:4).  

38) I bore your sickness (Isa. 53:4).  

39) I carried your pains (Isa. 53:4).  

40) I was put to sickness for you (Isa. 53:10).  

41) With My stripes you are healed (Isa. 53:5).  

42) I will heal you (Isa. 57:19).  

43) Your light shall break forth as the morning and your health shall spring forth speedily (Isa. 58:8).  

44) I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds saith the Lord (Jer. 30:17).

45) Behold I will bring you health and healing, and I will cure you, and will reveal unto you the abundance of peace and truth (Jer. 33:6).  

46) I will bind up that which was broken and will strengthen that which was sick (Eze.  34:16).  

47) Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you and you shall live. And I shall put My Spirit in you and you shall live (Eze. 37:5,14).  

48) Wherever the rivers shall come shall live. They shall be healed and everything shall live where the river comes (Eze. 47:9).  

49) Seek Me and you shall live (Amos 5:4, 6).  

50) I have risen with healing in My wings (beams) (Mal. 4:2).  

New Testament  

51) I am willing, be clean (Mt. 8:3).  

52) I took your infirmities (Mt. 8:17).  

53) I bore your sicknesses (Mt. 8:17).  

54) If you’re sick you need a physician. (I am the Lord your physician) (Mt. 9:12 & Ex. 15:26).  

55) I am moved with compassion toward the sick and I heal them (Mt. 14:14).  

56) I heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease (Mt. 4:23).  

57) According to your faith, be it unto you (Mt. 9:29).  

58) I give you power and authority over all unclean spirits to cast them out, and to heal  all manner of sickness and all manner of disease (Mt. 10:1 & Lk. 9:1).  

59) I heal them all (Mt. 12:15 & Heb. 13:8).  

60) All who touch Me are made perfectly whole (Mt. 14:36).  

61) Healing is the children’s bread (Mt. 15:26).  

62) I do all things well. I make the deaf hear and the mute speak (Mk. 7:37).  

63) If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believeth (Mk. 9:23; 11:23,  24).  

64) When hands are laid on you, you shall recover (Mk. 16:18).  

65) My anointing heals the brokenhearted, and delivers the captives, recovers sight to  the blind, and sets at liberty those that are bruised (Lk. 4:18; Isa. 10:27; 61:1).  

66) I heal all those who need healing (Lk. 9:11).  

67) I did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them (Lk. 9:56).  

68) Behold, I give you authority over all the enemy’s power and nothing shall by any means hurt you (Lk. 10:19).  

69) Sickness is a satanic bondage and you ought to be free today(Lk13:16& II Cor.  6:2).  

70) In Me there is life (Jn. 1:4).  

71) I am the bread of life. I give you life (Jn. 6:33, 35).  

72) The words I speak unto you are spirit and life (Jn. 6:63). 

73) I come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly  (Jn. 10:10).  

74) I am the resurrection and the life (Jn. 11:25).  

75) If you ask anything in My name, I will do it (Jn. 14:14).  

76) Faith in My name makes you strong and gives you perfect soundness (Acts 3:16).  

77) I stretch forth My hand to heal (Acts 4:30).  

78) I, Jesus Christ, make you whole (Acts 9:34).  

79) I do good and heal all that are oppressed by the devil (Acts 10:38).  

80) My power causes diseases to depart from you (Acts 19:12).  

81) The law of the Spirit of life in Me has made you free from the law of sin and death  (Rom. 8:2).  

82) The same Spirit that raised Me from the dead now lives in you and that Spirit will quicken your mortal body (Rom. 8:11).  

83) Your body is a member of Me (I Cor. 6:15).  

84) Your body is the temple of My Spirit and you are to glorify Me in your body (I Cor.  6:19, 20).  

85) If you will rightly discern My body which was broken for you, and judge yourself, you will not be judged and you’ll not be weak, sick or die prematurely (I Cor. 11:29-31).  

86) I have set gifts of healing in My body (I Cor. 12:9).  

87) My life may be made manifest in your mortal flesh (II Cor. 4:10, 11).  

88) I have delivered you from death, I do deliver you, and if you trust Me I will yet deliver you (II Cor. 1:10).  

89) I have given you My name and have put all things under your feet (Eph. 1:21, 22).  

90) I want it to be well with you and I want you to live long on the earth. (Eph. 6:3). 

91) I have delivered you from the authority of darkness (Col. 1:13).  

92) I will deliver you from every evil work (II Tim. 4:18).  

93) I tasted death for you. I destroyed the devil who had the power of death. I’ve  delivered you from the fear of death and bondage (Heb. 2:9, 14, 15).  

94) I wash your body with pure water (Heb. 10:22; Eph. 5:26).  

95) Lift up the weak hands and the feeble knees. Don’t let that which is lame be turned aside but rather let Me heal it (Heb. 12:12, 13).  

96) Let the elders anoint you and pray for you in My name and I will raise you up (Jas.  5:14, 15).  

97) Pray for one another and I will heal you (Jas. 5:16).  

98) By My stripes you were healed (I Pet. 2:24).  

99) My Divine power has given unto you all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of Me (II Pet. 1:3).  

100) Whosoever will let him come and take of the water of life freely (Rev. 22:17)

101)  Beloved, I wish above all things that you may…be in health (III Jn. 2).

Chicago, 2022